Parent Feedback

Musical Munchkins and Musical Movements has been a fantastic experience for us, our daughter and our nanny too. It’s helped my daughter develop her love of music, her sense of rhythm and general coordination and is a wonderful way for her to connect with other children in the neighborhood. She loves every minute! Your classes are so engaging and the benefits last and last. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been trapped in a line at the bank or inside on a snowy day or in an unexpected traffic jam for four hours with only one diaper standing between us and certain meltdown. Times like that, I am so glad to be able to pull out my Munchkins songs and keep her busy, happy and laughing. And, since there’s a song for every occasion, we can sing while we’re getting dressed, taking a bath, waiting for the doctor or putting our toys away. The songs always ease the way and make meaningful, active play possible wherever we happen to be. Thank you so much and see you next session! (Suzanne B.)

The class was great! You have a lovely way with the kids. I would recommend it to friends. (Tahira G.)

I would like to say that the classes were very entertaining for my son. There was always something different that you were doing in the class which kept my son very interested and wanting to participate. The class did not discriminate age, all ages in the class were having fun. I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and fabulous singing with my son. He loved it. (John S.)

My daughter Amelia and I had a great time at Musical Munchkins. She started the class at 3 ½ months old. Being so young I wasn’t sure if she would keep her attention but it was organized in such a way that Amelia was completely attentive and loved it. Thanks so much for a great experience. (Susannah D.)

Valentina made big progress! Ever since she was in the class she sings songs even at home. Simona cannot sing yet but she looks very curious. (Nina M.)

What a fantastic way for my daughter to delve into the world of music!! We both had a wonderful time learning new songs and everyday she lights up when she recognizes a “Musical Munchkins” song. Thank you so much for our six week adventure! (Kelly G.)

What a great introduction to kids music. We’ve been given a whole new group of songs to sing from! Lola loved it! Especially the puppet songs. Thanks! (Jen D.)

For Brody it was a great opportunity for him to meet kids around his age. He laughs and smiles when I sing to him. He enjoys music of all kinds. I think it is a great way for parents to learn to interact with their kids. (Angela B.)

Musical Munchkins has made our family one that loves to sing together. Both of my grandchildren attended Musical Munchkins and when we get together, they are always asking for the songs and rhymes. They delight in the actions that accompany the songs too! (Patricia G.)

I think the class is great! My daughter really enjoyed it. Wonderful, easy going nature and relaxed rules are very much appreciated. I've recommended the class to a number of friends.(Shanna B.)

My daughter loves this class so much we signed up for a second session. If I wasn't going back to work we would be signing up for a third session. (Anne M.)

Jeremy has enjoyed coming to Musical Munchkins and I have had a lot of fun myself. I learned new songs and re-learned some childhood favourites. Jeremy loves singing. (Stephanie D.)

Thank you for a fun and well-facilitated program. A warm and comfortable atmosphere. (Anna K.)